GP Recyko: Best AA & AAA Rechargeable Battery For All Your Electronic Needs

Rechargeable batteries are the most popular for your household electronics. You cannot go wrong while using them as they offer excellent capacity, low self-discharge, and can be used more than once in electronics items. Nowadays, you are better off using rechargeable batteries than disposable ones. Another advantage is that they are eco-friendly as well, and being an environmentalist became a lot easier. NiMH  (Nickel-metal hydride) is the most common variant of the rechargeable battery. Here are some benefits of rechargeable batteries:

  • Eco-friendly, as they get made up of recycled materials. There is less stress on the environment and also on your pocket.
  • Saves money in the long run, standard rechargeable batteries get recharged upwards of 500 times. When you compare it to the cost of disposable batteries, it’s obvious to see that rechargeable batteries are a cheaper alternative in the long run.
  • Improved performance of electronics, disposable batteries provide 1.5 volts when new and decrease with time. Whereas, rechargeable batteries consistently deliver 1.2 volts of energy for the entire time.
  • Convenient than disposable batteries, as many battery chargers can accommodate a variety of sizes of batteries. Having rechargeable batteries prevent you from going out and buying them.

Choosing a rechargeable battery can be a daunting task as you have to rely on quality batteries. And we, at Powerlii, are the number one provider of rechargeable batteries for both personal as well as commercial use in the UAE. Buying batteries online gives you a fair share of advantages. Choosing the ideal capacity, no risk of purchasing the wrong size of the battery, etc. And it is a lot easier to choose a rechargeable battery brand according to your need. GP Batteries is among the best AA & AAA battery providers in UAE as the batteries can be recharged up to 500 times which is equivalent to 3,500 single-use batteries.

Why Choose GP Batteries As a Brand

They have been battery experts for over 50 years. The company is the largest producer of rechargeable batteries to satisfy every specific need of the customer. They adhere to strict safety and comply with international safety standards. All their rechargeable AA & AAA batteries are long-lasting, money-saving, and eco-friendly.

Best Value For Money: GP Recyko AA Battery 2700 mAh


GP Recyko battery is the most powerful with 2700 mAh capacity and is ready to use. They retain power. Even after five years, it leaves you with a 70% charge. These batteries come with eco-friendly properties, putting less impact on the environment and also on your wallet. You can buy these batteries online with ease at your home. They last longer than the alkaline batteries & the charge retention is about 80% after 12 months & are guaranteed to last for six years. The battery is ideal for toys, medical devices, and other household electronics.

Features of GP Recyko AA Battery

  • A better life than alkaline batteries
  • They get recharged up to 500 times
  • Environmental friendly & easily disposable
  • 80% charge retention after 12 months
  • Lasts for around six years
  • Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Delivers performance in extreme environments
  • Pre-charged makes it ready to use

Quantity Available

  • 2 Card - 4 AA batteries
  • 4 Card - 8 AA batteries
  • 10 Card - 20 AA batteries

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Other best rechargeable batteries variants suitable for your needs:

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  • GP Recyko AA Battery 1800 mAh - Buy Now
  • GP Recyko AAA Battery 800 mAh - Buy Now
  • GP Recyko AAA Battery 1000 mAh - Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Recyko Rechargeable Batteries

Should Recyko rechargeable batteries be fully discharged before a recharge?

Recyko rechargeable batteries do not suffer from the memory effect, so there is no issue in charging them even when batteries are inside.

How many times can I charge my Recyko rechargeable batteries?

Recyko Rechargeable batteries get recharged hundreds of times as they offer great value for money.

Which devices you shouldn’t use Recyko rechargeable batteries in?

You can use Recyko rechargeable batteries in any device unless stated by the device manufacturer. There would be no problem in using battery brands different from the device brand.

Do Recyko rechargeable batteries damage electronics?

No, Recyko rechargeable batteries in your device have a circuit that shuts down before they reach that point.

What is the average life of the Recyko rechargeable battery?

With proper care and use, the user can expect Recyko rechargeable batteries to last from 2-7 years.

Can rechargeable batteries be charged in any battery charger?

Yes, you can charge them in any charger. But try to use battery chargers of the same brand as the batteries are.

Do Recyko rechargeable batteries last longer than normal ones?

Recycko Rechargeable batteries hold the charge for much longer than other batteries. They are more reliable, less expensive, and last longer.

Which rechargeable battery brand is best?

GP batteries are among the best brands for rechargeable batteries in UAE as have the necessary features. They are eco-friendly, get charged up to 500 times, made up of recycled materials, designed for everyday life.

Why Choose Powerlii To Buy Batteries Online

Powerlii is the one-stop-shop for all battery needs in UAE. We have AA and AAA rechargeable batteries available with us that serve the purpose of household or your business. Buying batteries online with us provides discounts, best prices, competitive prices, warranty with every product. That’s not all, there are more reasons to buy the best rechargeable batteries from us:

  • Bulk Orders: Do you have bulk orders? Don’t worry. We are happy to deliver bulk orders within the deadline. Plus for every bulk order, you get a discount.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We have ample stock of original batteries from renowned manufacturers. We have genuine brands on our website, so there is no issue with authenticity.
  • Track Your Order: You will see the tracking notifications for all your orders on your registered mobile number/email address. You can also get tracking information from the orders section on the website.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Doubt regarding the product? Product not delivered? Doubts get solved by our experienced team.