How Murata Micro Batteries Are Revolutionizing Various Industries

 What do wearable devices, watches, smart cards, and other electronic gadgets have in common? They all run with micro-batteries. These batteries are thin, light-weight, and safe to use in everyday life. Micro-batteries are in huge demand because of the era of IoT.

The global micro battery market is expected to reach USD 631 million by 2025. The growth of this market is possible by the advantages offered by micro-batteries. And the companies that are manufacturing them, giants like Murata (In 2016, Sony and Japanese company Murata reached an agreement to sell Sony’s lithium-ion battery business).

Murata - 40+ Years of Battery Manufacturing Experience

 After acquiring Sony’s battery business, Murata has not looked back. The company has become one of the leading watch battery manufacturers. The quality of the Murata micro battery is their USP, they get produced with the same strict procedures ensuring quality. Murata high-performance mercury-free watch batteries are trusted by the world’s famous watch movement makers, serving around 45% of the global demand. The company is producing over 10 billion components & is among the largest watch battery wholesale distributors. The company has an acquisition ISO 9001/14001 certification.


Types of Micro-Batteries Offered By Murata

  • Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Batteries (CR): Coin manganese dioxide lithium batteries are the small-sized batteries used for various applications. These batteries are high-voltage, high energy density batteries. The batteries have a wide working temperature range that makes them suitable for all kinds of applications.
  • Silver Oxide Batteries (SR): Silver oxide batteries are the small-sized primary batteries with stable discharge and high-capacity. They are best suited for medical devices and other precision instruments. The batteries provide stable voltage and large capacity.

Applications of Murata Micro-Batteries In Industries

 Murata has extensive experience in designing certified, high-performance battery solutions. Depending on the specific requirements, Murata offers customers customized solutions in various industries. Here are the applications of Murata micro-batteries:

Automotive: Whether in tracking systems, intelligent keys, or electronic toll collection systems, Murata batteries prevail in the automotive sector. The micro batteries with high overload resistance are suitable for alarm applications. And the batteries are optimized for temperatures from -40 °C to + 85 °C.  Use of Murata micro-batteries in the automotive industry:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Smart key
  • Tracking devices
  • Sensors
  • Tollgate
  • Factory automation

Medical: The demand for portable medical devices that can monitor vital data like temperature, heart rate has increased. These devices are required to get miniaturized as they are attached to the human body. Murata batteries meet the need for portable medical devices & have become key partners in the medical industry. Use of Murata micro-batteries in the medical industry:

  • Insulin pumps
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Drug delivery system
  • Continuous glucose monitoring 

IoT: The Internet of things is about to revolutionize our daily lives. IoT devices need to be maintenance-free and reliable. Murata knows that IoT devices require a primary battery with a larger capacity. Murata’s high drain type, CR batteries solve this problem. Use of Murata micro-batteries in the IoT industry:

  • Tracking devices
  • Sensors
  • Home security devices
  • Smart meters

Must Buy Batteries from Murata

 Our Choice For Automotive & IoT Industry: Murata Micro Battery CR 1632   


 Murata micro CR battery is mercury-free that is environmental-friendly & is suitable for watches without backlight or alarm. It gets used in popular industries such as automotive, medical, and IoT. The battery has features such as high drain, heat-resistant, and extended temperature. The nominal voltage of the battery is 3.0V, height is 3.2mm, the weight is 1.9g, the nominal capacity is 140 mAh, and the chemical system is zinc silver oxide.


Quantity Available

  • 1 Card - 5 batteries
  • 2 Card - 10 batteries
  • 20 Card - 100 batteries

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Our Choice for Medical Industry: Murata Micro Battery SR (920 / 371)



Murata SR micro battery (920 / 371) is ideal for the medical industry. High drain SR batteries work well for medical devices that require large current loads. The nominal voltage of the battery is 1.55V, the height of the battery is 2.05mm, with weight being 0.59g, the chemical system is zinc silver oxide.

 Quantity Available 

  • 1 Card - 5 batteries
  • 2 Card - 10 batteries
  • 20 Card - 100 batteries

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